Thursday, February 25, 2010

Five Cats, More Big Boys, Being Fixed Today. 12 Big Boys Fixed This Week!

This is the black tux stray from the trailer park colony, fixed last Tuesday, whom the caretaker took with three other boys she was feeding to a friend of hers" rural garage, where they will stay and once released, be fed. I hope it works out for those boys, because it is terribly stressful on cats to be relocated and often, it doesn't work out well in the end.
This is the brown tabby from the trailer park Big Boys colony who might be the in heat female. Not sure. The cat is so schizoid and scared. She has skinned her face fur on the trap mesh trying to get out. Update: Nope, this one is also a boy. Unbelievable! Have now trapped NINE mature boys at that trailer.
This is the brown tabby again, being fixed today, cat number nine fixed from the Big Boys trailer park colony. There are still two tabbies to catch there.
The latest big boy catch at the Big Boys trailer park colony: Big male number 8.
The Lynx Point, on the prowl after having dinner there, where I have been helping the people who feed the cats get them all fixed.

Already, I've taken in seven big boys from the trailer park Big Boys' colony. Today, another big boy goes in from that colony, plus a tabby the caretaker trapped and believes to be the in heat female.

She trapped the poor kitty very late at night. I could not come get her being way too exhausted, so she put the cat in the trap, covered, in her shed. Apparently this terrified the poor cat who is likely claustrophobic, so when I picked the cat up yesterday morning, she or he had turned schizoid and would charge me from the confines of the trap if I got close. Consequently, I could not even get water to her. So I added it to wet food and dropped it through the mesh. Last night, she was so distressed, I took to using catnip and Feliway to try to calm her. I hope she makes to through surgery ok. In the photo I took of her, from a distance, I see she's skinned her face fur in trying to exit the trap on the mesh.

The other cat from the Big Boys colony is a massive Lynx Pt. Siamese who has been around since I helped the old woman next door get cats fixed, before she died. There were two, a long hair and a short hair. I got the long hair Siamese fixed before the old woman died, but not this guy. Now he is getting done.

Then I caught three Big Boys out at the Sprite Oldies colony, as I have dubbed the small group of cats fed by some sprite 86 year olds. They are sharp mentally, and physically (for being almost 90). They're amazing, in fact. This colony started when a neighbor man, with an unfixed female, died. She was turned loose on the neighborhood unfixed and produced five kittens who now are about to become reproducing adults themselves. Then three bigger males roamed into the group, which numbers nine cats in all. The first three, all big boys, are being fixed right now.Orange tux male, being fixed today, from Sprite Oldies colony.
Orange tabby male, from Sprite Oldies, being fixed today.
Black and white male, from Sprite Oldies, being fixed today. I almost thought this guy was already neutered, since I have taken about 70 cats in to be fixed from that short street before. The cat looks like he has a right eartip, but closer inspection revealed it had been torn in fighting. And he has balls, but very small balls.

When you think about that one trailer, feeding so far nine boys, and now with it being fighting season, no wonder the woman was at her wits end with the pee marking and screaming night fights going on. So five of the nine males have now been relocated. There are two tabbies left to catch. Who wants to bet on whether either one will be an intact female?

There was a male going at a younger short hair brown tabby, you know, happily trying to mate. It was the pretty boy orange, the long hair male, before he was neutered, on a flirty little brown tabby short hair. But was it a girl brown tabby?

I tried to net them as they mated, because it is the easiest time, but someone walked up to stare, and the cats moved off. Is that little tabby going to be a boy tabby, or a girl tabby, I wonder, because don't think the big boys care one way or another when they have the urge. There is only one short hair brown tabby left to catch. So we will see soon.

I can't forget the four brothers last year, at 33 cat trailer, taking turns on one another, then rolling on their sides in ecstasy, kneading, like a female in heat. I was astonished to see such openly gay behavior among the cats, but I don't know why I would be. Probably because the religious right tries so hard to ingrain in our species' minds that males on males and females on females is one big Satan Jesus issue, when it's really a biological one.

Nonetheless, as I stared, transfixed, at the four brothers, I couldn't help but blurt out, mockingly, "Do you know all you boys are going to hell?"

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