Thursday, February 25, 2010

Exhaustion Beyond Exhaustion

The old couple are still trapping. I forgot to tell them to close the traps. So they call me tonight, and say they've caught the mother cat, who is a torti. I go over, but it's a brown tabby tux male in the trap. I point this out to them. They peer and peer at the cat, still convinced it's the torti.

I went down to say hi to the man I trapped 45 cats for, three years ago. I called the whole street, "The Street of Nightmares" and just visiting it again brings back horrible memories, like of sitting out in my car with a piece of rebar, waiting on a long hair golden retriever, who had killed 17 cats right in the old man's yard.

It's going on again. Of the 30 or so he had last time I was out there, he has only ten. Dogs again, free roaming vicious dogs. The area is known for them. It's like two junkyard streets and the rentals out there draw in druggees and alcoholics. I am exhausted beyond exhausted and going back to that street just brings up nightmares of the past. I told the old man to tell a neighbor who hands out my number to stop it, that I"m not coming back to that area, because it's like being in a never ending horror movie, like zombie land, where people are dead but don't know it, where nothing alive is respected or cherished and it just brings back nightmares of animal abuse and neglect like you wouldn't believe.

I'm supposed to help KATA relocate all those cats tomorrow. Actually I'm just showing them where the warehouse is, and loaning two cages. They can do the rest. I am dead on my feet. I have to return those five males tomorrow and find somewhere to get this latest male fixed, so I don't have him sitting in my garage all weekend. My big birthday weekend, of trying to recuperate from utter exhaustion.

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