Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CL Post on Illegally Trapped Cats. WATCH FOR THESE CATS!

It sounds like this is going on, on Colorado Lake Drive and that they suspect someone who lives nearby. I hope they find their kitties.

Illegally trapped & dumped pets (Colorado Lk Dr)

Date: 2010-02-16, 4:01PM PST
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A group of pet cats were illegally trapped and dumped at another location. If since Sept you have noticed an increase in cats at any abandoned building next to a field, please call the following numbers, especially if you recognize any of the following descriptions. 541-258-5014 or 541-758-3567 We want our companion animals back.
*Lrg grayish tabby - short hair - looks bowlegged when he walks away from you.
*grey-brown tabby - ~ 5yrs old very vocal
*grey-brown tabby - 5 yrs old, face looks a bit off due to difficult birth-chin juts out on one side of his profile
*white-med-long hair with Siamese markings-blue eyes and fluffy grey tail
*bob-tail- dark tabby-short hair- back legs very long so he walks goffy foot style
*small blk female- high pitched meow
*bob-tail white short hair-blue eyes
*solid white cat
Please ask friends and their children if they have seen an influx of cats in an area previously void of them or have noticed an increase in a particular area. If you live ~ a 15 min drive FROM the end of Colorado Lk Dr, that is the area we are keying in on for any abandoned buildings with fields next to them. We believe these cats are still alive and we want them to come home.
Thank You

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