Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Caught Last Male at Big Boy Colony

I caught the last male out there at the trailer park. Now, the only one left to catch is the in heat female. Seven big boys were fixed today. The 8th male, fixed in 2008, is in my garage, too. All 8 will be leaving tonight, for their new garage home, which is next to a barn. I hope their containment time up there, does not include a lot of fighting, amongst these former brothers turned rivals, for the one unfixed female in the area.

Fixing and removing 8 massive males from one small area will sure quiet that area down at night and reduce the territory marking. Going to be an entirely diferent hood now.

I was headed up to Countryside to pick up the six boys whom they'd just neutered and stopped to check the trap at the trailer park. That is when I found the last big boy inside it, the black and white. I slept in my car outside the vet clinic while he was neutered, then brought all seven home.

I have given them food and am just waiting for their former caretaker to get off work. Then we will make the trek with them to their new home. That's because too, I need the traps back for trapping in the morning. They are all full and then some.

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