Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big Ben is Cage Weary

Big Ben is in a cage too small. It's a big cage. But, he's so huge he can't stand up to use the litterbox inside the cage I have him in. So he's been ripping the whole thing up every night in his frustration. I'm frustrated too. He and the other FIV positive from that Adair colony were supposed to be leaving for Portland tomorrow, to stay with Poppa's president. In the meantime, I've been trying to find him a home around here, without any luck.

The two black feral brothers I thought would be gone immediately since the feeder woman had a farmer willing to take them. But they're still here. She said she called the farmer last night but he did not answer. I am frustrated.

Big Ben is a lover boy. Last night I spent time petting him and scratching his ears and he loves this. I'd put him in my bathroom if it wouldn't start up the pee marking and it would, with Sam.

I wish I had better bigger holding cages, but I don't. I don't often hold cats here, mainly because I have no space to do it. The garage holds one car, all my yard stuff, which isn't much, some shelves, my broken bike and the wood pellet fuel bags I use for cat litter. And now, two cages with cats in them from Adair. It's cramped I'll say. The cages are home made.

So I am very much hoping that feeder woman gets that farmer on the horn today! Then these black boys can leave. I may have to take in two cats from the Portland woman who is taking the FIV boys, an exchange, because it's hard to find anyone willing to take FIV cats. Then I am hoping the three people who fed these Adair cats will help find homes for those two I had to take. It all got messed up when the two big boys tested positive.

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