Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Ben and Pretty Boy Gray Head North

After a rough night, I headed north with FIV positive Adair boys Big Ben and Pretty Boy Gray. Pretty Boy Gray cried all night in the carrier the colony caretaker brought him here in. I put him in the garage but that wasn't enough to seal out the noise. I also had the four cats from Three Lakes, fixed yesterday, in traps in my car recuperating for the night.

The people out there will make no effort to find a place to recuperate their own cats. Sad, but the reality so often. One of the kittens turned out to be a double crypt, just like the adult male from there, done last fall, who has since disappeared. The other two kittens done, the Siamese and another black and white, were both females.

So, after a difficult night, I returned the four to Three Lakes, then came home to load up the boys to head north. It was kind of sad for me in a way because Big Ben is such a wonderful cat. He likes to be cradled like a baby, despite his massive size.

I would have thought Pretty Boy Gray would be all cried out, but I would have thought wrong. He cried most of the way up. Poor guy. Poor me!

I got them all settled into their new foster home. Pretty Boy Gray, stressed out as he was, promptly bit K when she reached into the carrier inside the new cage to pet him. She's a tough no nonsense woman and shrugged it off like it was nothing and said "well, I shouldn't have done that." No whining or "oooh ouch" crap from her!

Big Ben was not happy about going into another cage and tried to tear out. I opened it up and pulled him out and sat with him on my lap for awhile, holding him close, to comfort him. Both boys are tired out from all the stress and change and just need to sleep. They're in good hands.

I am still trying to get on the wait list for FIV positive cats at Cat Adoption for them, since one of the feeder people is willing to donate a good amount per cat to get them in there. They can only take a limited number of FIV positive cats at a time there.

I gave the woman fostering them $100 for her effort and it is an effort to add more cats when fostering them. It is not right to ask others to take on the costs without contributing. One of the colony feeders gave me that to give her.

I think the two boys in the garage, brothers, from same colony, might be leaving for their barn home tomorrow. I am very very happy about that prospect. Right now, I'm going to bed.

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