Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beautiful NIght

Boy, the homeless are getting demanding. I had this one barn home offer for four or five cats. Then I had another, but it has now fallen through. So I'm just trying to get five cats out of the homeless camp.

But now the homeless gave me a list of cats that must stay. Ten of them. Of course those were the ones who ended up in my traps tonight.

If that wasn't enough, I dropped my flashlight. It then wouldn't work. I tried to get down the steep part of the muddy rutted trail without it, and landed on my face in the mud Undaunted, I continued on and set the trap, then headed to Home Depot to get a new bulb, which is what broke when I dropped it.

I ran into Richard and gave him the bag of cat food I had in my car, then followed him into the camps. He was drunk but I just conversed mildly like I always do, when people are drunk. He's likable even drunk. Most of the time.

I set a trap in his camp but he was getting loud so the cats moved off. I saw the other two gray and white teens, matchmates to the one in my bathroom. They're not fixed and cute as buttons.

I had trapped Baby Doll and Richard said to go ahead and take her off to the barn home. But when he saw her in the trap he wanted her out of there immediately, so I let her out. He's got Serena too, the long hair black Nick left behind.

Then Stacy has a list of seven she wants to keep for sure no matter what, she says. There's Fatso and Twirl, Watermelon, Fatso's sister Janie, a black tux male and...well, seven of them in all. But Bobby and his sister Jean can go, they said, and Brownie, the tabby tux female, and Hitler, the black and white with the mustache, and Marianne too, a black and white female, once tame, left behind by campers. Then Pete has a male cat that he wants to keep, fixed in the second go around, one of the ten.

So, despite trapping several cats tonight, the homeless did not want those particular cats to go to the barn home. I finally decided to call it a night. I wasn't getting anywhere.

But, the night was gorgeous. The stars were shining bright and the air was crackling cold.

All I can say is at least I have one of the three known unfixed cats caught who will soon be fixed. At least there is that. Whether Martha, the big long hair brown tabby, now in a containment cage, goes to a barn home or just goes back, is still up in the air. At least she's getting some R&R and seems to be liking that alot.

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