Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back to the Trailer Park

I'm headed back to the trailer park where Tweetie and Button are from, to the neighbor of the old woman who fed them, before she died, well over a year ago. This neighbor took up feeding any left, which turned out to be the one adult I never trapped before the old woman died. She was a female, and apparently had kittens right about the time the old woman died, who are now themselves over a year old.

The neighbor works and didn't know I had trapped the rest and taken in 12 or 14 of the cats after she died. All she knew was that there were some cats there needing fed and she fed them, but, she never got them fixed until she somehow got my number. She can't go on with feeding so many. She has a friend who rents on a rural property and the property owners will take them all. One or two are already fixed and eartipped. The ones who aren't, will be.

She thinks it will end up being six or seven cats, but she's not quite sure, because she just puts out the food before work. So I'm going to go help her trap them. And then she is going to take care of relocating them to her friends place. She's a real cat lover and so is her friend and her friends' landlords.

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