Sunday, February 14, 2010

Adair Black Boys Head to Barn Home

The two boys from Adair, including the hold out long hair, headed out this morning to their barn home. I have suspicions about the barn home, because the colony feeder said they told her they took in three ferals from someone a few years ago, and they still have them.

I remember a kind couple who took in three siblings I trapped at the rest area north of Albany. They lived in the same area where these boys are headed. When I talk to the colony feeder, I'm going to ask the couple's name and what they look like. I'm not great with names but I remember faces. I wonder if it is the same couple who took the rest area teens in. That was awhile ago. If so, those black boys are in great hands.

The Adair boys were no trouble in the holding cage they have been in since I trapped them. They have eaten me out of house and home, however.

K is keeping Big Ben and Pretty Boy Gray, she thinks, the FIV Positive boys from same colony. She was able to find a home, she said, yesterday, for Blackberry and Crimini, two girl kittens she took in when she was down here helping me with the Corvallis homeless camp last summer. They were tiny, and among the last kittens I trapped there, by sneaking into the camps at night, while the campers slept. It was so much easier to trap that way. They're teens now. I got to see them when I took up the boys.

K also has Trudy, the tame adult brown tabby tux from the camps. I had already gotten her fixed and by the time K came to help me the next time I trapped, her owners were in jail and had abandoned her. At that time, we also took out Clover, a tiny calico with a ruptured eye and Trudy's kitten, a little beautiful but sick boy. He would have died within a couple days had he not left the camp that day.

He and Clover were taken in by Sharon of PAWS (Pet Adoption West Side) and they got homes very quickly. So I've had some Portland help with the homeless camp cats because I sure could find none around here, as far as fostering or help trapping them or finding them homes. I'm really grateful for the Portland help.

Goodbye Adair boys. Good luck to you.

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