Sunday, February 21, 2010

17 Cats Still Out There

Biker, a male, tame, claimed by one camper.
Bobby, the gray tux manx male.
Jean, Bobby's sister, but fully tailed.
Hoochie, Hooches' mom.
Tiger, the female brown tabby. Tiger is best friends with Hitler and Old Momma, along with Fatso and Junior.
Betty, the one black cat left there, who is short hair.
Fatso, uneartipped gray on white tame male. Fatso has lots of friends out there, now that he is neutered.
Ractail, mostly white female, with tiger striped tail. Ractail is claimed by one of the campers and Fatso's sister. She also is friends with Tiger and Jean.
LiteTtux, brown tabby tux female. She is best friends with Baby Doll, a cat one camper claims.
DarkTtux, trapped in 2007.
OrangeAde, orange tabby male.
Junior, black tux male.
Hitler, a black tux female.
Baby Doll, one of Richards' two cats.
Old Momma, one of the black and white females.
Old Green Eyes, brown tabby male.
I have no photograph of Serena, the tame long hair black out there.

I was going through my records and have concluded there are still 17 cats out at the camps. All are fixed.

There are two left from previous years of trapping: Dark T Tux, a tabby tux, and Biker, a white with black tame male, claimed by one of the campers.

There are several beloved cats, tame to the campers: Fatso, an uneartipped but fixed white with gray male and Fatso's sister, Ractail, who is white with one patch of tabby over one ear, and a tabby striped tail. There is Tiger, a tabby female, and Old Green Eyes, a tabby male. There is LitTTux, a light brown tabby tux female. There is OrangeAde, an orange tabby, although he is an infrequent visitor. There is Hoochie, an almost all white female, and kitten Hooch's mom. Hooch went to a home, but after trapping Hooch, I used him as bait to catch his mother.

There is one all black and I believe it is the female, because Bling, the black one here, I think is the male. I trapped two all blacks last fall, and they looked alike. One is a female, one a male. I believe it is the male here waiting for a barn home. I call him Bling.

Bobby, a gray tux manx, and his sister, Jean, who looks just like Bobby only is full tailed are still there.

There is Junior, a black tux male. There is Old Momma, a black and white female, with a black mustache and Hitler and younger black and white female with a mustache.

There is Serena, the old black long hair tame female that Homeless Richard wants me to take out and find a home for. There is Baby Doll, a young black tux female, full black face, who is also Richards' and mad at him, he claims, for being so nice to Serena.

The cats out there are unbelievably fat and healthy. Yes, I provide the homeless cat food for them, but they often forget to feed them or are too drunk to feed them. But when they do, they not only get cat food, but meat the homeless scrounge. The primary reason these cats are so huge and healthy is that they are unbelievable ratters. The area is prime rat country, with moisture, nearby homes and businesses producing garbage and wetlands with plentiful insects, worms and everything else rats love. These cats have grown fat eating rats.

Most likely, the campers left will be evicted or die of afflictions associated with long term alcoholism in the near future. The cats left will have to be relocated. And the rats will have a field day when that happens. They're good for the area. I know people think outside living cats are bad, but do they know how much bird predation is the result of rats? I will tell you, from watching it happen, that rats eat bird eggs and young birds by the score and they are adept at running up many of these smaller slant trunked trees to raid nests. Where there are rats, cats are going to go after them over birds any day. They're tastier, have far more meat, and they don't have to deal with feathers.

Anyhow, due to the camp cats adeptness at rodent hunting, especially large rodent hunting, they will make great mousers for the seed warehouses wanting cats.

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