Sunday, January 17, 2010

Whities from the Homeless Camp

There has been a white cat hanging out in a field near Home Depot. It has no eartip. I caught five whities in November 2007 at the Homeless Camp. Two of those did not get eartips because someone wanted to take them in, after they were fixed, and did not want eartips. But later, they backed out. I had to return all five.

In the meantime, a man who feeds another white cat near the Homeless Camp caught the cat this a.m. He loves her and wanted her fixed. The former FCCO coordinator brought her here this morning, for me to take to be fixed, then remembered there was an FCCO clinic in Salem today and took the cat there. She turned out to be already fixed and is likely one of those original five whities.

I asked the woman who watches the Home Depot whitey to watch, in the next few days, if she reappears with an eartip. That would be interesting.

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