Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Twister in Huntington Beach

Blog reader Siobhan may be helping Haiti children but now I'm worried about blog reader Kate and Ned, who adopted Tiny Tim. They live in Huntington Beach and SoCal has had a terrible storm hit. Our Oregon news mentioned Huntington Beach in particular and that they may have experienced a twister.

Kate and Ned are in the process of moving, too. HB, are you ok?

Lately, here in Oregon, we have had much much warmer than usual temperatures and the last few nights, very high dry winds whirling in. Last night was so windy the garbage cans along the street, out for morning pickup, blew over.

I wonder about the upcoming winter Olympics in Vancouver B.C. Will they even have snow at Whistler?

I'm no Republican and do not celebrate the win of that guy in Massachusetts. But....oh my gawd, is he ever cute!!!!!! I heard he once was a model. Underwear I bet. I wonder if they could maybe have a shirts optional day in the Senate, that was publicly broadcast, once he's seated. I can only hope.


  1. we're just fine. the twisters are closer to the water than we are. they happen pretty often when the weather is like it is.
    hopefully it'll settle by friday!

  2. Glad you're ok, Kate! I hope you LOVE your new place, once you move. Wish I was there to help! I love organizing and packing for a move, as long as it isn't me moving! I've helped lots of people move. It's usually under traumatizing situations however, not choice.