Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trip Into the Homeless Camp

I got a ride to the homeless camps today. I took in four 18 lb bags of cat food, two storage containers, to keep it dry and from the raccoons, and another big covered bucket of cat food. Two campers got two bags of dry food each and a storage container and the third got the covered bucket full of cat food. I also took in a ten pound bag of potatoes and other human food I'd bought for them.

It wasn't easy carrying all that stuff in, especially since the trail was a foot deep in water in many places, but it's done and they're set for a good while.

Toby is back and hides most of the time under the covers of the spare bedroom's bed. He's doing good, though, and likes to be carried around on my arm when I'm home.

Miss Daisy is up under going anesthesia so her mouth can be examined. She acts once again like she might have a bad tooth or inflammation. We'll see. I was unable to examine her mouth and the vet couldn't do it either, without her being put under. I'm hoping she'll be just fine. She's my baby so I worry.

UPDATE ON MISS DAISY: All the rest of her teeth except the four canines, have to come out. I knew it. Poor girl. She had looked again like she was in pain. She's good natured even in pain but an owner can tell.

She had no bad breath or drooling or swollen jaw lymph nodes, which threw me off for a few weeks into thinking it couldn't be her teeth again. But she would sit, stoic, eyes closed, like she was in pain, sometimes. Her voice got a gurgly sound again. She would open and close her mouth sometimes, repeatedly, like something hurt.

She's had at least half or more pulled, most just after she was thrown from a car on Seven Mile and suffered jaw and teeth trauma from that. But almost every year, about the same time of year, she's had to have more pulled. She'll only be left with four teeth now.


  1. It can be tough being homeless, whether human or kitty.

  2. That's for sure, Snow. The three left are older and have had very hard lives. They'll not change but I wish I had money, I'd buy them a house, so they could at least have a roof, heat, a tv, beds, showers, bathroom, for the rest of their days. If I had some money, I'd do that. I'm sure they would trash the house and it would need be quite away from other neighbors, but I sure wish I could for them.