Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Three Cats Fixed Saturday

This is Dale, a long hair orange tabby, fixed Saturday. I was referred to these folks by KATA. They were going to get rid of Dale, whom they found as a kitten in the middle of the road, unless they could find a way to get him fixed. So now he's fixed.
Momma Mia and Little Ben, from the trashed out trailer. Both were fixed Saturday. Momma Mia was not pregnant. The feeder woman picked them up today. They go to her mother's place. Her mother has agreed to foster them while the feeder lady tries to find them homes. Momma Mia starts purring if you even look at her. They showed up about five months ago, at the bulldozed trailer, and began living in a shed full of junk.

Little Ben, the boy kitten I first saw peeking out of the ceiling of an old shed full of junk, in the middle of the night. He was fixed Saturday and has quickly decided not to be feral.

I was sorry to see the happy pair of cats go today, when their caretaker picked them up. These were grateful kitties. Although the female was not pregnant, the vet said she had a very very used up uterus, meaning she's had multiple litters.

After returning yesterday, I went to Corvallis to get some groceries. I stopped in to feed the homeless camp cats. As I was then driving off to the store, I saw someone up ahead of me on a bike fall off it onto the sidewalk.

I pulled over, and, to my surprise, it was homeless Richard. I asked if he was ok. He goes "Who's asking?" I said, "It's Jody the cat lady." He said "ok then, yeah I"m fine, just off balance." I helped him up.

He had a box of wet cat food strapped to the back of the bike. Made me chuckle.

He then began an emotional monologue about two of the cats, the black long hair, abandoned by other campers when they left and the black tux female I got fixed last summer for him, about how much he loves them. Then he asked me a favor.

He is still emotional over Speed's death and knows his time clock is ticking too. He wanted to know if I had a card he could carry, so if something happened to him, someone could call me and I could come get those two cats he loves so much. I gave him two old cards from my car and tucked them into his pocket.

He told me there were still three kittens, not fixed yet, that he thinks will eventually die because they can't compete with the adults for food. I said "Do you need food?" He said, "I got wet food, but no dry."

I'd carried in three 18 pound bags the week before. But he wasn't there. So I gave two to one camper and one to another. I told him I'd try to get into the camps next week sometime, if the weather isn't hellish, to try to trap for those elusive kittens. I got him a 16 pound plastic jug full of cat food I had in my car. He somehow strapped that also to the back of his bike. I helped down the steep part of the trail and then he disappeared into the dark.

A car came down the road then, and started to stop, seeing mine pulled to the side in the bike lane, then it drove on.


  1. that is sad about richard. i'm glad you post that. it really gave me a shake-up this am about what happens if your all alone. i wish him help with caring for the cats and surviving.

  2. Well, he's lived homeless a very long time and actually prefers homeless life, to going to a shelter. He's an older alcoholic. They're tough people, to live constantly in the elements, but the alcohol does them in. They exercise, walking and biking, more than most avid exercisers, because they have to, to get anywhere.