Saturday, January 16, 2010

Peeman Sam Alerts

Peeman Sam has begun pee marking again. I should know by now what this means. It means a new big tom is roaming my yard and sure enough, I saw the culprit, another huge orange tom. I think he's the one the apartment complex feeder was wanting to catch, but she suddenly disappeared off the map, no longer answering e-mails.

If she's not feeding anymore, maybe moved, perhaps that's why he's showed up here. I'll have to catch him, too. The neighbor woman described another different male who showed in her yard, causing her cats issues. It's been nonstop here. I've gotten 19 fixed just in my yard or my neighbor's yard since moving here.


Most have been males but there have been a few females, like Moonshine, who was finally adopted by a Corvallis couple. She was an all black female who ran into my garage and refused to leave. Then there was the torti five month old who ran into my neighbor's garage and ate for an hour, he said, she was so starved. She was pregnant, at five months, got spayed and went to a home, also.

There have been many others, mostly males. I have rehomed many of them. One, a feral tom, was euthanized when he tested positive for FIV, and had advanced mouth disease from the FIV.

I just get them fixed when they roam in. That's about all I can do. 19 and counting. Sam lets me know when another is coming through and I have to act or suffer the consequences of Sam and his pee machine. He's so sensitive to having big males torment him through the cat yard windows.

Some good news: KATA told me the spay neuter clinic at Humane Society of the Willamette Valley, in Salem, is up and running and that they fix ferals, for rescue partners, for $33, which includes shots, eartip, and flea and worming, if it is needed. That is indeed wonderful news. Go Willamette Humane!

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