Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Cats. Photos

Please note the round Vote for my Cat button up above. It's a pet photo contest. Ultimate winner gets to choose a charity Bissell will donate $10k to, and Poppa Inc. could use that money to help fix a lot more mid valley cats. The voting goes in weeks, and the next voting period doesn't start until January 28. I uploaded a Miss Daisy photo for the next voting period. Grab your friends and vote your hearts out during that week long voting spree. You can read up on the contest guidelines also!

Here are some today photos of some of the long term cats here.

Here's Sam again.
Cattyhop, Comet, Dex and Miss Daisy, four of the cats here I now count as my own, since adoption for Comet and Cattyhop is unlikely by this time. These four have been with me the longest of all the cats here, outside of Vision and Electra, who are elderly.Cattyhop was one of a group of squirting diarrhea kittens I trapped at the Slaughterhouse colony, so named because the old woman feeding the cats lived next to a Slaughterhouse. The kittens eventually got over their diarrhea. Two, who looked just like Cattyhop, bobtails and all, went to a McMinnville woman who still e-mails me now and then. She just loves them.
Comet has been with me many years. Ever since I got the first call about Heatherdale trailer park. I lived in that shack in Corvallis then and my back was failing. I took out 16 kittens from outside one trailer. A woman, a meth addict, had brought the cat she'd gotten at SafeHaven, unfixed, and left the cat with her mother there. The cat had litter after litter. The cat was even pregnant again. I took in 16 of the carport kittens, as my back failed. Comet was the only one who didn't get a home. I also contacted SafeHaven and urged them to fix kittens before adopting them out. I think they do that now.

Dex was originally abandoned by her people in Dallas. She was then taken in by a Corvallis woman with over 120 cats, who fled from a city decree she either turn the cats over to Heartland or leave with them. She left, and ended up in Fall City, but then was evicted there too. After a young couple rescued 60 of the cats from the woman in Fall City, they then were evicted and left Dex behind at their place, up in the hills above Philomath.

They came back for some of their things, at the same time I showed up there, intent on rounding up the cats they'd left when they moved. I found three people with Dex in that empty house. They had a rope in a slip knot around her neck, which they had used to pull her out from under a hot water heater. She was pulled at the end of that rope and choking herself. They were treating her like a wild animal. She was terrified. I put her in a carrier and said "She's coming with me," and left. She's been with me ever since and will remain with me til she dies.

Dex is around ten years old. Electra, is 12 years old. Vision is 16 years old. Miss Daisy is 6 years old. Comet and Cattyhop are both four years old.The two rural Philomath girls are still here. The caretakers were supposed to come get them this weekend, but I haven't heard from them. The one girl's eye is still looking bad. The eyedrops did not seem to help much. A flattened ulceration is still clearly visible along with clouding. I can't really keep two more cats and the one girl should be indoors, and the eye watched to see if it heals. I asked the caregivers to see if any of their friends would take her in, but they are pretty noncommunicative, in many ways.
Sam sprawled.
Daisy Face!
Squiggler Daisy.


  1. Tried voting, but it says voting for section 4 (whatever that is) "hasn't started yet." :(

    Lovely photos, all.

  2. I didn't upload a photo until today, so she qualifies for voting in Period Four, which starts January 29!

  3. To find her, once voting begins, to vote, type "Miss Diasy" into the search box above all the photos submitted for period four.

  4. Miss daisy is so pretty!!!

  5. Well, the two black girl kittens went back home. Feel bad, since it's a dark cold very wet night.

  6. I see Miss Daisy always wears her black lipstick!