Friday, January 22, 2010

More Cats and Unemployed Man Cleans Up

When I returned the three cats to the Corvallis man last night, I could not believe the difference he had made in that place in one day. He had cleaned his heart out. I could not smell ammonia at all! He was beaming when I told him how amazed I was. He did a great job. Next week, the kitten, who is close to four months, will be fixed, too.

I'm taking in five kittens to be fixed tomorrow. KATA is then going to take them in. The people also have three adult cats who need fixed. of them is an orange tabby, and.....turns out they live real close to me. I told them I think their orange guy might have been already fixed, like fixed last Saturday, um, if you get my drift. They said "Great!"

But, they keep letting him out and haven't been able to check yet. They say he looks no different, like he was neutered, and so the yard stray I took in Saturday could be a different cat. But I think not. We'll see. I sent them a photo of the one I got fixed, but their internet has been acting up and they have not yet been able to check to see if it is indeed their Simba.

The Siamese mix female I returned yesterday afternoon had already pulled out her stitches by 7:30 p.m. The owner had not been home and I had handed her over to the owners sister. But I always tell them they need to watch the females closely and if they begin pulling on their stitches, they will need to get an e collar immediately.

I guess the sister put the cat in the bedroom and left. When the owner got home, the cat had pulled out all her stitches and she had rushed her to a local vet, who stapled her back up. I hope the kitty's doing ok now.

Those e collars are uncomfortable and an expense but sometimes they are worth it. I don't see many cats pull on their sutures but I warn everybody about it, in the first set up of the appointments and when I return the females.

I fell asleep last night crooked and twisted across the four foot long love seat. I woke up SEVEN hours later, at 2:00 a.m. groggy and cranky and twisted. I finally got to bed again and slept a few more hours. I am feeling the pain today, from the homeless camp jaunt. I knew I probably would end up sore from running heavy supplies into the camps, through foot deep muck and today it hit. I'm sloggy and painy and sore, but I'll get over it. I hauled in about 140 pounds of cat food and human food, but they were awkward pounds. It's harder to carry awkward bags when slogging through the muck, too, in my defense.

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