Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love is in the Air

Ok. So former FCCO coordinator Nick referred me to some Corvallis guy who had a feral cat, who had babies, whom they took to Heartland maybe, or, well I'm not sure. He needs the female fixed. Nick gives me his number.

I call him. He tells me his other cats are fixed. But, I find out tonight, when I went to get the female, whom I had to net inside his place, that they are not. And his rug smells like ammonia from a lot of pee marking with two major males, and now a feral female to mark over. And his couch is ruined from having two adult unfixed pee marking males.

He's unemployed and his wife just left him. Oh my gawd, I want to tear up to think of it already. I want to fix the whole thing just in time for Valentine's Day, I'm thinking. Love should conquer and this young couple, sort of young couple I mean, should get back together in time for Valentine's Day. And live happily ever after.

It's up to me to make this happen.

I've never played Cupid but that won't stop me, I'm thinking. Love, you know.

Ok, I don't know them. I only met the guy tonight. He tried to get his wife to come over, to help catch the female, and he seemed so disappointed she wouldn't come over to help because the cat loves her, he said.

I had to kneel on that smelly carpet and net those cats, two of them anyhow. Then I find out his wife, with whom he is seperated, asked him to keep a kitten of the female getting fixed tomorrow, the only survivor of the litter, in case she one day wants the kitten. The fact he has her too, stashed in one bedroom, is a testament to his love for his wife, with whom he recently became seperated.

Alas, since she would not even come over to help with the cat, I may fail at getting them back together. There may be far deeper issues than the smelly carpet, which we are immediately addressing, in the name of love.

Yes, that's right. He's calling his landlord and doing something about it. He's facing the music whatever it may bring. Because nobody can live with a carpet smelling like ammonia. I said "Take it out and replace it with vinyl flooring squares." He said "Yes!"

I said "Yes! Now you're talking. Do it tomorrow, when the cats are gone."

"Yes," he said. "And I'll get my friend with a pickup to haul off this disgusting couch."

"Amen Hallilujah!" I said. "Do it," I was revved. So was he. Sort of.

In the name of love, the disgusting smelly couch, that is a million times worse smelling than my old Goodwill couch ever was but much more attractive, will be hauled away.

In the name of love, finally, the disgusting wetish carpet marked by two competing adult males will be ripped up and hauled away. Yeah baby!

I wonder if, after he tells his landlord about the issue, if, by tomorrow evening, he'll still even have a place to live.

I wonder. But, nonetheless, the problem cannot be ignored. Better to face the music and solve it, he thinks, and I think he's right. The cats are getting fixed. The couch will be gone and the carpet needs taken up and hopefully his landlord will allow him to put down vinyl squares. I mean, when he moves if he does ever, the landlord can put down a carpet. He's brave to finally get on with it. Something that's needed done forever.

He lied to me in my first contact and told me his other cats were fixed when they're not. Four cats later, they'll all be fixed, the couch will be gone and hopefully, so will the small section of carpet. And his entire life will be 100% improved.

Love is in the air. I know I can somehow make them right for each other again. They must have been in love once, to marry. Why not again?

Somehow. I must intrude. For love. I must make it happen. Yes!

For the triumph of love after fixing their cats. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Valentine's Day. Love. Fixed cats. Stinky carpet gone.

What a beautiful work it tis.

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