Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 Corvallis Cats; 3 Albany Cats

Six cats are up being fixed today, three males and three females. Three of the cats are from Corvallis and three are from Albany.

This Siamese mix female also comes from Albany. I asked who her mommy was and if she's now fixed and she said she didn't know. She said she would ask, since the owner of the mother is a relative or friend of a relative who lives on Queen.This is a gorgeous silver tabby on white male, from an apartment complex in Albany, up being fixed today. Behind him, is a brown tabby female from same location, being fixed today. I always ask where they came from. This woman said one is a kitten from a stray who lived at the complex. The stray was trapped and taken to the Humane Society. The other cats' mother is at Oxford House, she said, and now spayed, too, since she was hit by a car, and when at the vet for her damaged leg, she also was fixed.
The beautiful boy again. I didn't get a good photo of the girl, because she was hiding behind him.

The next three cats, all being fixed today, are from the Corvallis Lonely Unemployed Man apartment.

This is the only one of the three he could catch, a nice looking white and black male he calls "Baby". Before I saw Baby, thinking it was likely a small cat, I asked how much Baby weighed, since I had a couple of small carriers and one big one in my car. The man says "Ten or fifteen pounds." "Ok," I said. "That's one big baby."
This is the female from Lonely Unemployed man apartment cats, who is the reason they're all getting fixed. The man originally contacted the local FCCO coordinator about getting her fixed. He referred him to me, since he had to resign as coordinator due to extremely busy schedule. No more local FCCO clinics right now.
The Corvallis female again.
The long hair beautiful boy from Corvallis, whom I chased all over that apartment with my net. He was quick and it was dark in there, and he's dark. And there was lots of stuff he could get under and behind.
The big black long hair gorgeous male again. Baby, the white and black, and this big guy, have been engaging in pee marking contests, using the mans' couch and carpet as targets for their territorial battles.

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