Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good News on the Local Feral Cat Front

There is some good news, on the local feral cat front. I was talking to Vicki of KATA and she says they just don't hear of the large colonies anymore of cats needing fixed. She thinks ten years of effort by them, by myself, and by other valley cat fixers has made a huge difference in this area.

I do agree.

It was not uncommon for me to stumble repeatedly into 50 to 100 cat colonies a few years back. Or trailer parks over run. Not so much anymore. The last big colony I did, the 33 cat trailer colony, was mostly kittens. 12 adults. They're fixed now. The kittens are all in homes.

There was the 45 cat Lebanon collector, but half of hers even were already fixed, by her!

The homeless camp last summer was a different story but almost all of them are at least now fixed, with the exception of maybe four teens, who will be fixed. 35 cats already fixed there. I took out 22 of them.

There are a couple of local collectors I've heard of who won't return calls, but I have not given up on solving those situations either, and got 8 of the grange collectors cats fixed on the side, five of them dying kittens saved by the Neuterscooter vet who then got homes, since they wandered to near the grange last year. Before that, we believe it was her who dumped a mom and five kittens a street over. They were fixed and rehomed and so were the nine kittens and adult female found at the grange the year before. These cats likely also came from her.

I'm not saying there still isn't a cat problem in the mid valley. I'm just saying there is far less of a cat problem in the mid valley now. And that is good news.

However, in this good news, there is bad. The man who delivered my fridge yesterday said where he lives is over run in cats. Where does he live? On College Park drive. If this sounds familiar, it should be. I got 90 cats fixed in amongst those drug and crime ridden duplexes and fourplexes a few years ago. My car was broken into there, when returning a cat. The animal abuse was so severe when I finished there then, I was completely traumatized and horrified. And now it's started up again.

I tried to talk management into adopting a fixed pet only policy but I was scoffed at. Now they have a new owner and new management but apparently nothing has really changed.

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  1. i knew it!!! you guys do so good and it does show.