Sunday, January 17, 2010

Frig Coming

I bought a frig. I had to. It won't come til Tuesday but I have a small ice chest for now with a block of ice in it that I'd had in the frig but apparently the frig isn't that insulated. The temp rose to nearly 60 degrees inside even with a block of ice in it. That shocked me.

The frig was the cheapest I could find in stock. I wanted to get a Kenmore because they have the best ratings even for the cheapies, but I have to say, they really don't want to sell frigs very badly through Sears. You can't call the local store. You get a call center, and they were the most inept people I've ever encountered through a call center. I don't think they're much interested in their jobs.

They disconnected me twice. Another time I tried to get through there was a huge racket in the background, then the sound of someone whistling loudly close to the phone, so much distrating noise I asked the woman where she was, in a parking lot, in her living room? She said it was a call center, laughed, then disconnected me once again.

So Sears was out after those frustrating attempts to get one model of Kenmore delivered. Man, their call center is BAD!

So I drove to Home Depot. The guy was nice but they did not have the model I wanted in stock either, just a forklift damaged display model. So I asked what they did have in stock and he pointed out one model, just under $400, and they had one of them, so I bought it. Credit card. I know, me very bad for doing that. I think I could have survived ok without one for years. Bet I could have. And maybe I should have.

But I bought one. I measured and measured. I wanted it to fit in my car. Alas, it would not. That's a good thing, because I would have injured myself badly had I tried to get it out of my car alone, and into my place, alone, and the old one out, alone. The fact it wouldn't fit in my car was a blessing for my body. My body is aching all over today and I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck and chin. I wonder what I'm catching or trying not to catch.

It won't get here til Tuesday and I have to sit around all day waiting for a call to say they're coming. LIke when a cable man is supposed to show, only with this delivery, don't give you even it will be this half of the day or this other half. It could be anytime all day on Tuesday. So I guess I will take Tuesday off!

Can I afford $400? No. But I will try to recoup this financial setback by using as little power for a few months as I can get away with not using. Lights out. Few showers. Dry clothes and towels over doors. I'll survive.

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