Monday, January 04, 2010

Four Cats Fixed Today

This is one of the scores of Maine Coon looking cats in the area where the male Maine Coon went missing in Salem.

Below are photos of the four cats fixed yesterday:
This black feral female kitten originates from Corvallis. Her siblings and mother were fixed in October, but she was under two pounds. Now she will join them in their new barn type home.
This beautiful Siamese female showed up as a stray at a house in Lebanon.
Next door, to where I picked up the Siamese, live a handsome pair, including this black and white female, fixed yesterday. Her half brother, below, was also fixed yesterday.

Today, I was back at it, in limited form, however. I took in four cats. Three of them came from Lebanon. One Siamese female wandered to this house, where I'd gotten two cats fixed before, as a stray after neighbors moved out. They suspect the neighbors left her behind. They will try to find her a home now.

Another neighbor had two cats, both offspring, in seperate litters of the first person's sister's cat. The sister did not care for her, and she ended up cared for by the more responsible sister. When I took that mother cat in, however, she had a massive tumor that involved several organs and had to be euthanized.

The boy fixed today, taken in as a loved owned cat, appeared very healthy. His half sister, from same now deceased mother but a later litter, was spayed today. Other than worms, she too looks happy and healthy.

The fourth cat fixed, was a little feral female kitten from Corvallis. Her mom and three siblings were fixed way back at the FCCO clinic last October. But she was too little. In the meantime, the woman who brought them to the clinic, a big time animal lover, found a home for the mom and siblings. They are still in containment in a large shed. This little girl will join her family in a few days.

Three Lebanon cats and kitten from Corvallis now fixed. Thank you Poppa Inc.

I think the pink and blue collars on the boy and girl from same Lebanon house are cute!

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