Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Death of a Live Trap

One of my best traps, a tomahawk large size transfer trap, this morning died suddenly. The trap was killed in a vehicle accident when a car, mine, leaving the garage suddenly, to make room for a delivery truck carrying anxiously awaited refrigerator, caught the trap between the front passenger side wheel, and the front of the garage wall, when backing out. The car driver apparently forgot she had set the trap along the garage wall, after releasing the latest yard stray caught and fixed yesterday.

The trap was twisted and died instantly. There will be a wake. The trap throughout its short life assisted in getting over 2000 stray and feral cats caught to be fixed, preventing the births of hundreds of thousands more. This trap led a full and meaningful life.

It's humanity will be sorely missed!

The cat below was the deceased live traps' final act of kindness in our world. This cat, who has lived mostly in my yard and neighbors yards for over a month, was also causing massive problems, fighting, marking and causing even my own contained cats misery.

The pee marking by Sam was so bad I felt like running for the hills. The cat would sneak into my garage if I happened to be working in the yard and had the garage door open, which terribly upset my own cats, because of the unfixed male's smell and marking behavior.

The cat was fixed yesterday, won't father more stray kittens and is young enough that he likely has not yet contracted or spread FIV. Now he will be far less likely to contract or spread that horrible disease that is very preventable. I don't have a home for the kitty, but he can eat in my yard now that he is fixed. I salute you my friend, my tomahawk transfer trap. RIP!


  1. The orange guy is gorgeous! And he looks so much like my Simba...

  2. He is very beautiful. He's already been back to eat. Hopefully things will quiet down with the territorial behavior soon, as a result. I think there may be another male coming through who isn't fixed, however.

  3. I've decided to make the dead live trap part of art deco in my place, and an interesting cat bed.

  4. ah Jody...at least you will be leaving quite a collection of relics behind...important when you are nominated for sainthood!
    and that orange cat is beautiful..you know i have a "thing" for orange cats...

  5. Sacred relics. Yes. I have lots. Do you know that if you touch that twisted trap, somewhere, a cat loses its balls? That's just how sacred it is. And that is sacred let me tell you. Unbelievably so.

  6. and when a mother cat is tired of having litters, it bi-locates, magically appearing to her and transporting her to a neuter scooter...and the trap is, of course, in perfect condition for this spiritual journey.....

  7. Of course, Jeanne! It only looks twisted to the mortal nonbeliever. To the spiritual, and to the desperate female kitties out there who believe, when it appears it is in perfect shape, has wings, and a big plate of tuna inside!