Monday, January 25, 2010

Clean up Tomorrow

Tomorrow's cat fixes will be clean ups, as I call getting the last cats of situations in to be fixed. The mother and two older siblings (one boy, one girl) from mom's prior litter will be fixed tomorrow. Her latest litter, five kittens, were all fixed last Saturday.

The fourth cat to be fixed tomorrow is the only surviving kitten of the female fixed last week from the unemployed man in Corvallis apartment. All four of his cats will then be fixed and all nine of the Albany families' cats will be fixed. They have a female who was already spayed. And their cat load should be down from nine to four by now, as they were giving the five now fixed kittens to KATA today I think.

So tomorrow is cleaning up the last of two situations. Both human parties involved benefited very greatly from this help, not to mention the cats involved who benefited. Eight at one home, four at the other.

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