Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas Decor Photos

I'm taking down the tree and decorations today. I will miss Christmas.Mr. Treetop Santa, who had a rough time this Christmas. The cats were fascinated with Mr. Santa and took turns knocking him to the floor.

My infamous card pole. I wrap the ornamental wood stove (never approved for use) with red and green electrical tape then attach any Christmas cards I get.

I love to hang Christmas stockings. I get the stockings at the Dollar Tree.
This is my favorite ornament. I got this ornament at cut rate cost when Albright and Raw Drug Store closed in Corvallis.
I have several over the doorknob decorations, all from the dollar store.
I love this Noel ornament. I have one that says "JOY" also. They came from the dollar store.

This bell ornament came from the Cats Meow thrift store in Corvallis.

Teddy, from the homeless camp, taken today. He's getting long and big!
Shaulin, from the Bengal group, taken today.
Very old Vision, one of my original river cats, who lived along the banks of the Willamette in Corvallis where I lived with them. Then came the Corvallis River front project that endangered all my cats. Many died as a result of the project or dislocation from their home. Vision is at least 15, maybe older. I've known her since 1995, when I first met her along the Willamette River. She was Captain Courageous' granddaughter and daughter of Mukluk.
Shady is from the BS colony originally and has chronic herpes. She is a mischeif maker and fun lover and HATES to have eye drops put into her eyes. She screams like the world is ending before I even try, if she even thinks I might be going for the eyedrops. It's a big pain in the butt to medicate her.

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