Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Caught Three More

I caught three more at the remote Philomath colony. It's kind of difficult, since they are not home, and so I have nowhere to use a bathroom or get in from the cold. Today it was warmer than yesterday at least.

The homeowners have someone there while they're gone, but don't want me intruding on that person for trapping or going inside. I should have waited til they were back so they could watch the traps, but to be honest, I didn't know they'd be gone this week and they didn't mention it til the last minute. I think it was a last minute thing.

They don't understand why I can't set a dozen traps and come back the next day. I don't feel inclined to do a long lecture on trapping technique. In two days, I've caught all but one, most likely, unless others are evading my view. They were able to catch only one, to be fixed, I think, in the last year, so there you have it.

I do get a lot of advice for a no wage worker, from those I am "working" for. Oh well. I am hoping there is just the one left to catch. Sometimes I feel bad, like a slave, disrespected, but I try to ignore those feelings. It's very easy to misunderstand people's intent in e-mails.

I keep to myself lately. I sing to myself in the car, too, when I drive. It makes more relaxed and comforts me, like purring does cats I think.

For some reason, today, the white cat loss bothered me again very much. I suppose it is exposure to these rural cats who are like the living dead. None will survive long and will meet terrible vicious ends when predators get them. I don't like meeting their eyes.

It brought back the white cat from Clover Ridge in my mind, the one that Ankeny Hill woman insisted she wanted, after I got her fixed, then days later, gave her away or killed her, probably the latter, but not sure which because she lied so much about it. I wanted to pull off the road and cry after I passed that woman's place today and she was in the yard. I flipped her off, although she didn't see it, it was for the white cat I flipped her off, not me.

I couldn't stop myself from thinking about that today again. It can be hard.

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