Thursday, January 07, 2010

Caught the Kitten

I caught the kitten, but not the mom. I guess there may be a couple others, the woman has also seen intermittently. I want to catch the mom, who looks I am told, like the male fixed today, only slightly smaller. The kitten looks like a little boy.

Well, I have him in the bathroom. Big mistake, I know. He's got a slight cold and a very very loud purr. He wants me to be his mom, clean his mouth, rub his chin and comfort him as he curls against my warm body. He's a nice little boy who thinks now he's got it made, being nice and warm, and cuddled and well fed for once. Boy. He probably does have it made. That purr, that little face, that total trust he's handing me, a stranger to him. I can't turn him out after he's neutered.

I'll find him somebody to love him. Oh, what a sucker I am.

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