Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Body Found in Alany water Canal, Just Outside Lebanon

They found a guy dead in the water canal, just outside Lebanon. They don't know who he is yet or how long he's been dead in the canal. Click post title to go to paper article about it.

I've been debating going to bottled water drinking and now I'm real sure I'm going to drinking bottled water. The city has been thinking about putting the canal in a pipe, but that is years and millions of dollars away. I am not sure exactly how much of Albany water comes from the canal, but even a little bit is too much for me. I want to retch to think about. Dead body in water supply. Yukko.

I know lots of animals use the canal and poop in it. I don't know why a dead human body in it is much difference. I think I should call the water department. Maybe they could just tell me the city takes no water from the canal and all my fears and paranoia's about it would be gone. I haven't called and asked because what if they say, "Sure, half or a quarter of the water out of your tap comes through that yukky canal." Then my fears are grounded and could multiple or even keep me awake nights.

I told my doctor about the Albany water problem. I'd gone in because I was bleeding from the butt. He thinks its hemorrhoids since I've had them since being in the mental system, where the drugs they forced on me dried me up like a prune and constipated me like....well, I ran out of metaphors.

He said they never go away once formed. But that dehydration will surely make them worse.

Then I told him about my troubles here in Albany, because of the chlorine content of the water, in drinking enough water, ever since moving here. I got to make some changes. I guess I'll get a bunch of bottled water to have here. I do set out open containers, because at room temp, chlorine will dissipate over 48 hours. But I never seem to have enough set out. Darn it.

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