Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cat Photos

Sam hides in a cat tent, intent on pouncing upon a feather toy at the exact right moment.
Three girls in a cage. The first three adult females fixed from the rural Philomath colony.
The Lankies! Teddy and Calamity are going through growing spurts.
Teddy with Jade in the background.
Flat footed Jade, whose feet are, well, bizarre. She sustained some sort of "front end" injury before I met her, which may have broken both front feet, but at least broke one ankle. My guess: thrown from a car.
Honey, too, is getting lanky and stretched out.


  1. great pictures!
    we've been packing now. i found behind dominos pizza that's a good place to find boxes :) at tleast they're good for something.

    this week the stress begins. just wanted to say hi before i go crazy haha

    craigs list is a great place for applicances that are used and cheap. i found a firdge that way and even paid a couple extra bucks for them to deliver it. of course you know to be catious of craigs...but sometimes there are honest deals..we just got the couch that way too

  2. You're moving, eh? Oh my god, that is terribly stressful! Good luck. Be careful for the cats in the move!

    I have been watching craigslist, for both a usable couch and appliances. The Corvallis cops just arrested a man selling stolen goods on craigslist. He stole from a business when they'd close for the night. He lived right next to them. That's awful! I know it's full of theives selling goods. I usually at least get a signed bill of sale. Hard to know who is a theif and who isn't on craigslist.

  3. My goodness - Honey and Teddy are getting big! I love Honey's markings on her unique. Is she still shy?

  4. Honey is still shy. Teddy isn't. He probably would be to a stranger, but only initially. I can't find homes for the life of me. On the up side, the couple whose two kittens I have here, say they have arranged care. But I am uncomfortable with them telling me to put her in a cat carrier outside their house, with so many predators around. Have asked them to have whomever is to care for her call me. Maybe it's the petsitter but I don't know.