Sunday, January 17, 2010

Black Pearl Adoption Not Working

So now I'm told Black Pearl is being mean to Toby, her kitten and the adoption might not work out. Meaning I might get two cats back here again. I'm so fed up I want to scream. I can't have Pearl here with her screaming attacks on other cats. There are no options for her. This is one cat without a chance. If they keep only one of the two cats, my guess is it won't be Pearl. Meanwhile, Toby is getting older and likely would not get a home either. It's a nightmare.

I'm just stressed is all. I thought the frig would stay cold all night because I put ice in there, but it was over 50 degrees and so I tossed all my food. I can't get ahold of my brother. Toby is returning tomorrow. I had asked the rural Philomath folks to take over care of the kitten with the ulcerated cornea once they were home, but last night they tell me by e-mail they are leaving again today. They made no arrangements for this kitten. I feel like a rug today. I'll get over it.

Peeman Sam squirted my computer monitor in the night, by peeing from a shelf that is backed by the spaced vertical boards of this exclusion room. His aim was spot on, and he nailed the monitor screen from three feet out.

The male who drives him nuts showed up this morning but failed to go into the trap. Just the sight of him through the window drove Sam mad. I wish I could have gotten him and it would have been over, at least until the next unfixed male shows up. I think the cat is in my yard throughout the night, driving Sam nuts. He looks young and not in great shape, and is probably that apartment complex caste off another woman tried to catch. The poor guy looked lost, like he has nobody but wants somebody. I'll get him. And at least he can be fixed.

I need to just relax and sit back and change the things I can and forget the things I can't do a damn thing about, like the frig, like Sam's occasional bursts, since that will be gone, too, once I catch that latest male.

It will work out ok in the end I hope. Some things just take some time. I am freaked Toby is returning because it is just another cat to find a home for and I'm so lousy at doing that. But on the upside, someone contacted me about Shaulin and if she does take her, will take one of her friends along also, probably Teddy. I am unbelievably hopeful about this prospect, am crossing fingers, toes, everyting!

I can't believe some of the photos coming out of Haiti, like old men from a nursing home lying on the ground outside the damaged facility, attended to only by two orderlies who remained to help them. One photo shows an old man, twisted from age and inertia, lying on the ground, being fed a couple of nuts. When I see such photos, I become ashamed of my own stress over the frig's demise and Sam's pee marking.

I cannot get ahold of my brother. I called a couple places to price frigs, but they really don't have much in stock and most models must be ordered. I could be without a frig for a week. I think I should probably order one myself and pay for it on a credit card I guess. I don't know what to do other than that. I thought he'd call me first thing to figure something out. Maybe he went on a trip today.

The Shaulin adoption isn't going to work either. They have acreage and would let them free roam. I'm not feeling good about that one either. I don't think there would be a happy ending for them there.


  1. Many people seem to treat cats like an object - a toaster with fur. They decide they don't like it for some reason so they throw it out. It's a living BEING, people! A cat has feelings, emotions, hopes... it dreams when it is asleep. Just like you and me.


    Well, I know you know all of that but I just had to vent. I get this stuff all the time.

    Sorry about the frig, too. :(

    ...I'm about to get whacked by a major windstorm but hopefully we'll be okay.

  2. Baton down the hatches over there on the coast, Pagini. I heard you are in for a rip roaring time of it tonight. Take care!

    I appreciate you venting. I do it too and today was kind of different. I went and bought a frig, had hoped to get it here soon, but the soonest they could deliver is Tuesday. I measured and measured hoping I could somehow stuff it in my car, but I would have killed my spine trying to unload it and get it in. It was a lot of money. $400! Going to affect me a long time, going to cut way back on power use here to make up for awhile. I'll see what I can do. But you watch out in the windstorm about to nail you over there.

  3. congrats on the fridge!
    i'm bummed about black pearl and toby not working. i hope when people adopt a rescue they understand sometimes they need more time to adjust.

    we're only moving a mile away (the place we found back before christmas time) but it's finally time! next weekend. the cats will be in heaven with how much bigger it is.

  4. We're back! Electricity was out most of the night but on the plus side I was able to re-capture Mort (who had escaped back into the feral colony last week). He couldn't take the storm, either. I slept in my work van with the rescued feral kittens - who needed the comfort.

  5. Oh, btw, I still think you should get a donation button for your sidebar from PayPal. You might not get anything.. or you might. But at least it gives otherwise anonymous readers a chance to help. :)

  6. Glad you survived the storm, was howly here, too, very strong winds here. No power outages, however.

  7. Well, Pearl is sort of different, almost behaves like she's menopausal and is attacking Toby. They are returning Toby but keeping Pearl. He was coming home today, but it will be tomorrow.