Sunday, January 03, 2010

25% Increase in Cost for my Car Insurance

I just got a copy of my new car insurance policy, to begin in February. It's gone up about $100, just for liability. No tickets. No Wrecks. Ever. And this is my reward, to have my policy rate increase 25%.

Oh, and by the way, FYI, there is no inflation. I must be imagining this %25 rate increase. Must be a figment of my imagination. I found that out when I got the papers from SSI that there would be no cost of living increase because there is no inflation. Yeah, right, uh huh. I really believe that one! Ha! I'll call up the insurance broker Monday and say, "This can't be right. This increase, it can't be right. There's no inflation you see. The government says so, so take back this massive rate increase right now!"

I'm sure they'll listen and give me my old rate back immediately, won't they?

If I had a wreck, my insurance company would not stand behind me. They never do. They take my money every month, almost an entire month's income per year. But would they stand behind me if I had a wreck? I bet not.

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