Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Three Cats Fixed Yesterday. Frig Repair. Shimmer Gets a Home.

Lebanon prev spay female.
Albany in heat black female.
Albany tabby female.
Ice, on the coils behind the false wall of the freezer compartment.
Same thing, only ice now gone.
When I removed everything from the freezer, I could see ice between the joint of the back and the bottom, at the bottom. That shouldn't be.

This is where the hose enters the back of the fridge. On the inside, it connects with a dish that catches the drips of water coming through from the above freezer compartment. The hose that attaches to this piece on the back runs down the back and into a pan beneath the fridge.This is the catch dish and hose coming down from freezer compartment. Both were frozen solid. This is located behind the thermostat housing and adjustment knobs.
Coils at back of freezer compartment after false back removed. Ice at the bottom.
I don't know what is the larger coil at the bottom of the freezer coils. Freon maybe? This is after the ice was gone from it.
This was the latest yard stray, fixed last week.
The bridge to somewhere, beginnings. I first strung wire rope, two strands, which can be unhooked, then zip tied horse fencing I had on hand, to it.

Shimmer went to a home yesterday. She is one of Black Pearl's kittens and Tiny Tim's offspring. A nice family in Salem adopted her. I hope it works out.

Yesterday I became frustrated with the fridge again, leaking water from the freezer compartment to fill the bottom. It is a frost free fridge and freezer. The freezer compartment is tiny. I typed one question into google search: "Why is my fridge leaking inside?"

The first search result was all I needed. It explained how frost free fridge freezers have a drain plug and hose, that in my brand of fridge freezer, are hidden inside a false back of the freezer.

I undertook the project.

I unplugged the frig and pulled it out of it's little place in the world. I took everything out of the freezer. I unscrewed the false back and bottom of the freezer compartment. Low and behold the bottom of the freezer coils and space beneath was shrouded in ice. That's not supposed to be.

Underneath that ice, when I got it thawed and off, I found the drain hole, also frozen. A short piece of rubber hose ran down from it into the food compartment but was hidden behind the plastic piece holding thermostat knobs. The thermostat is also behind that plastic cabinet piece. I got it off. The short piece of hose drips into a tiny plastic cup, that has a small hole in the back, that then drains out a hose attached to the back of the fridge and runs down to drain into a pan under the frig. That pan has always been dry.

I thawed everything including the collection dish and short piece of hose from the upper compartment, put everything back together and no more leaks so far. But, did that ice come from a more serious problem with the unit or from one original water spill in the freezer? We'll wait and see.

Three females were fixed yesterday, two from Albany and one from Lebanon. The Lebanon female, as I suspected, turned out to be already spayed. But, they had to put her under to shave her belly to be sure. I had thought I felt spay scar tissue on her belly. I was right. One of the other two was in heat. I found that female by calling free kitten ads in the paper. The other female is from a group of cats I got fixed last year, but I keep checking back and good thing I did.

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