Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Leg Hold Trapper Lost a Trap

A Sweet Home trapper apparently has a line of traps out around Albany somewhere and is missing a trap. Click post title to go to his letter. Pisses me off to hear of leg hold traps in use, because of how much animals suffer in them. And also because that trap could be attached to the leg of anything, including an unsuspecting dog, cat or kid. If I was out and had one of those snap onto my foot, I would lay in wait all right. For the damn trapper.

I bet that trap is with some kind person who found it on the leg of a cat or dog, and rushed that cat or dog to the vet. I hope too, if this occurred, the trap is now part of evidence in an animal cruelty case or in a trash can somewhere.

Nobody stole that trap, as he thinks. It's attached to somebody or something and he'll likely hear about it now that he identified himself. That is sad, man, so sad. If he's going to kill nutria, he ought to shoot them, not torture them to death. Those traps wait there for anything that comes along. Anything. I don't even leave an unattended live trap, for gosh sakes, what is wrong with these people.

In the comment section, some woman attacks another commenter who said it was cruel, saying any cosmetics he used are probably animal tested, etc. etc. In other words, she says he can't say its cruel because he probably endorses by product and medicine use, animal torture in labs.

Well hell, does that make any animal torture ok? Of course it doesn't. Oh everybody bullies that kid, says the bully justifying the bullying. It's a load of horseshit argument, lady. Horseshit argument.

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