Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sanctuary of the Dead

She's just a frightened desperate little girl, watching the cars go by, hungry, cold. Last night, when a car pulled into the Scravel Hill Cemetery parking lot and the door opened, she saw what might have been her last chance at life and she went for it. She darted into that car and would not get out.

What a brave little girl.

Someone evil dumped this little girl at that cemetery where her only refuge came in sleeping on the graves of the dead. I wonder if those buried in that cemetery are humans who would have dumped her like garbage, as some live human did, or kind souls, like the man with the open car and open heart.

Like the biblical Good Samaritan he took her in. Unlike that Samaritan of the Bible, this man has no money, nor even a real home. And his couching situation is above a man who hates cats so much he had to hide for her safety last night, so she would not be detected. He could not keep her there either. A soul filled with hate might have engaged his hate in violence against a helpless desperate life.

Where does all this evil and hatred originate?

I don't know. But kindness is to be rewarded and so I took her in, to save her and so that man would not lose even his modest living place. I am stupid, yes I am. You don't have to tell me how stupid I am.

I am always believing in angels. I dream of them. That they will materialize and comfort me, because I am overwhelmed, and help me find these sweet souls good homes. I will get her fixed and try my best as always to find her a home.

I know people tell me I'm nuts and I should ignore such a cat's need. But somebody has to help these helpless lives and take some responsibility. Who will step up? You? Who then.

Do you know that people are paying out $12 bucks for a Ducks supporting T-shirt before today's Civil War Game? I saw that on the news, how they're selling like hot cakes. I could not believe my ears. For a T-shirt. And yet......oh I should not even think of these things.

I just named her Kooshi.

UPDATE: Sooooo happy. I might have someone interested in Black Pearl and Toby. Cross your fingers. Sounds like a great home! They couldn't get them until just before Christmas due to vacation plans, but that's ok.

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