Monday, December 21, 2009

Looking for the Lost

My friend up outside Salem adopted out a stray to a Salem woman. This woman let the cat out the very next day and has not seen him since. It's killing my friend. I know how that goes, how much it hurts. So I went up this evening and we searched for a long time.

Everybody we talked to was nice, when handing out the dozens upon dozens of fliers she and her husband made. With one exception. The woman who had adopted the cat and immediately lost him would not even answer the door. She saw it was my friend and would not open the door, just talked out a window and acted like even this was a huge output of unnecessary effort on her part. It was sad!

My friend is very very worried about the poor lost cat. I know the feeling well. She says she will never do it again, never never never and I can only empathize. How many times have I said that, wanted to quit finding homes for cats. People suck most of the time.

How could that woman be so stupid as to let a cat out she's had a day? I don't know. But she never told my friend she was a dog breeder either and had 10 or 12 or more dogs. My friend is beating herself up. But she talked to the woman, talked her vet, did almost everything she could except she didn't deliver and she is upset with herself for not doing so.

I hope we can find the poor boy. I hope for him and for my friend whose heart is broken.

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