Thursday, December 24, 2009

Head on on Highway 20

Click post title to go to short alert about recent head on collision on Highway 20. I drove up to lights flashing all over the highway, had briefly been in Corvallis. Wasn't sure what was going on so I just stopped. One deputy finally began waving a flashlight so I drove forward. He loudly called one driver, confused by his flashlight and which way he meant him to go "a retard". He had words for me too, but I just rolled up my window.

Well, all we could see was a flashlight waving indiscriminantly. I wanted to turn around and go back to 34, but that was not allowed.

All the cars were directed onto Independence Highway but from there, you were on your own trying to find a way through the maze of backroads into N. Albany and back to Highway 20. I took a wrong turn somewhere in the fog and ended up on Scenic and down at the railroad tracks, where there were more cops, saying "no" to accessing back onto 20 from there. This time they had red beacon traffic director lights.

Anyhow, finally made it back to highway 20 and home. It was very foggy out. Must have been a bad wreck to block so much of the highway off. That's always sad, to hear of wrecks on Christmas Eve or Christmas.


  1. I cannot believe anyone in that position would use that R word. We do not allow it in Canada!! It's sick! Maybe I am too pc but as someone who works with many people with disabilities, some of them intellectual, we have people some would consider the r rod there who attend community college, studying everything from computer keyboarding, carpentry and conking. And they do well. Yes, they need extra supervision and some help but so what! So do many allegedly intellectually fine people. I HATE the R word and speak out every time I see it. I just denigrates people and we do NOT need that! Sigh! What happened to good cheer in this time of year?

  2. Not sure why the deputy was being such an, hmmm, maybe I shouldn't swear. It is Christmas Eve. Maybe he was having a bad Christmas Eve, or maybe the wreck was really bad, don't know. The word "retard" is definitely used as an insult, but here, usually only to people who should exhibit normal intellectual ability. Maybe like calling a hurdles athlete "clumsy" if they trip on one hurdle once. It's stupid. It's a practised use. Not one you just suddenly burst forth with.