Friday, December 04, 2009

Hard Day

Black and white male kitten, one of seven born to a torti on Queen, who is also now fixed. One kitten died. The other six were adopted out, but I kept track of five of the six and the sixth will be fixed by its new owner. The fifth kitten was going to be fixed today also, but Reid vet clinic told the woman, when she asked the clinic if they would weigh her, that she should not be fixed until she is six months old.
Male tabby on white from the calico on Queen.
Male tabby on white kitten, another one.
And the female tabby on white kitten. A very nice older woman adopted the latter two kittens from the people who owned the calico on Queen.
Three of four kittens fixed from another Albany location. All these are boys.
All four horse barn kittens. The only female is the tabby on white.
The four kittens again. The ninth cat fixed today was Kooshi from the cemetery.

I took nine cats up to be fixed. All were kittens. The oldest was Kooshi, from the cemetery.

I was also e-mailed today by a Lebanon woman who claims she has two cats and is feeding a stray she wants gone, claiming even though it is a teen, it is causing her own cats to bite her. She blames herself for feeding the cat and talked to her vet about bringing in the little stray to be killed and he or she suggested calling "the feral cat people". I don't know where she got my e-mail. That in itself made the e-mail suspect to me of someone who might be jerking me around. Plus the initials she used were used in some other e-mails I got a long time ago from a severely disabled person (DD).

I told her I have 30 cats already and live on nothing and I asked her to get the cat fixed, as likely it is a male, if territorial stuff is going on, and likely it would quit. But the problems she claimed she was having, with her cats because of the stray she is feeding, were out there and unlikely. She claimed the cat would deliberately preen in front of her cats, to egg them on and that she caught her doing it (preening).

OK. Uh huh. Yup. (sorry, everything's funny right now). I suppose I should keep some of the nuttier and funnier e-mails I get, for a book or short story. EVen strung together they could be hysterical.

I believe it was a prank e-mail from a preteen or the DD severely mental person. When people ask for favors but don't give their name and telll me all sorts of detail that sounds extravagant, I don't necessarily believe it is a legitimate contact. No name. And I automatically think it's a little kid on a computer prank.

Anyhow, I didn't take that one seriously although I pretended to in the reply.

This morning, I was set to get the nine cats on schedule to the vet. Everything was timely and going smooth. Until, that is, I walked into my garage and closed the locked door of the house behind me. The keys to the house and car were in the house. OMG!!!!

I called my very very patient mechanic friend, who has a key and came over, despite being barely up, and unlocked my own place for me. Boy, did I feel stupid!@

I was late then, rounding up the cats and getting them to the vet clinic. Oh well.

I'm still dismantling the couch. It's cheaper for me to dismantle it and use any of the parts and wood I can, then have it hauled off, which costs I think $20 or $30. I recycle parts I can't use, like the rusted seat half coils. Those go to the metal recyler.

One spring, when I released it, bit back. I didn't have a good grip with my pliers and it "sprung" into one finger, digging in. Price one pays, I guess.

Well, I finally got back this evening. Very very long day, but at least nine more cats were fixed.

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