Monday, December 21, 2009

Free Market Baloney

The free market system argument used in our country isn't applicable anymore. Why? Because most of the goods we buy aren't made here, they're distributed here. The question becomes, will I buy this product made in China at this retailer, where it is cheaper than at this retailer? The factors that make a Chinese product cheaper at one retailer over another are usually labor costs at the retailer itself.

The free market system now really applies only in the sense of how cheap some retailer can get and market goods from overseas, meaning, in my opinion, the free market system now boils down to how cheap can you get your labor.

It would work if we Americans would turn over every item we buy and see if it is made in the US. And if it is, then you look for the cheaper of two US manufacturers and retail sellers of that US made item. Then the free market system argument would be valid. Otherwise, it's a joke.

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