Sunday, December 20, 2009

$310 Raised for Helbrith NE cats

THANK YOU to all those who donated to help Joy's cats get fixed in Helbrith, NE! Diana, of Heartland spay neuter fund there, reports that $310 came in donations as a result of blog readers and others whom I asked to help with Joy's cats in Nebraska.

I was so happy to hear of this. All but two have now been fixed and the other two hopefully will be fixed soon.

Joy is a kind woman who stepped in when a neighbor man died and left behind ten unfixed cats. She has nothing herself and has to drive to the farm to feed them. She cares for them well and hooked up with Diana, who is basically a one woman operation herself, as I was, trying to fix cats in Nebraska. Her task is overwhelming.

This is a great accomplishment and I have blog readers, and a woman in Corvallis to thank for helping.

To Joy and Diana of Nebraska and all Nebraska cats---Merry Christmas!

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