Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Five Cats Being Fixed Today

Five cats are up being fixed today. Two are adult females from Lebanon. One is more like in her late teens. The people have two kittens, too, leftover from one of the cats' litters. I will weigh them to see if they are two pounds and could then be fixed.

The other three are orange teens, two boys and a girl, dumped on Oak St. in Albany. The couple heard them crying and put them in a trailer for the night because of the sub freezing temps. The man is on some city commission and told the Mayor about the cats dumped there, and she e-mailed me with their number, to see if they can at least be quickly fixed. So they're being fixed.

On the way home, I saw big balls of black and dark gray smoke rolling into the sky off Spicer. It was a house on fire. Seeing a house on fire always makes me think of the people who live there and wonder what they'll do now. Emergency crews had already arrived.

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