Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Black Pearl and Toby

Another yard stray but I think this one is owned across the street. I'm not sure, however. He's huge but I think neutered. Not sure on that either. The cat has been around since I've lived here and a neighbor pointed out the house where he supposedly belongs. Maybe I should not have taken that person's word as absolute. The cat is limping badly with a swollen left front foot.

The cat puts no weight on that left front leg and there is a noticeable swelling halfway up.
This is him.
He really never comes into my yard. Today was an exception.
Lebanon adult female, fixed yesterday.
Young adult torti, from Lebanon, fixed yesterday.
The Lebanon torti again.
Three orange kittens were abandoned in Albany, who fortunately were crying outside some kind folks' house, who put them in a camp trailer, since it is so brutally cold out. All three, two orange tabby boys and one orange tabby girl, were fixed yesterday.
The orange tabby little girl fixed yesterday.

Toby and his mom, Black Pearl, are spoken for, but still alone in the spare bedroom, and bored! Today I put harnesses on both, matching harnesses and will try to harness train them.

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