Thursday, November 19, 2009

Six Kttens Fixed Today. 11 Cats Caught in Foster

At Foster Nicki colony, a gray tabby tux male, watches a very large gray and white male descend from the woods. I caught both.
Gray tabby kitten, not caught yet, with the elderly white male, who is with KATA now.
One of many black tux adults with the gray tabby kitten. The kitten hasn't been caught and there is at least one black tux still out there.
Caught this one.
The friendly older white male.
Handsome gray tabby tux, now in my garage, off to be fixed tomorrow.
This gray tux I didn't think I caught, but after looking at the photo, I believe it is the cat I caught, knocking one off the list of those still out there.
I took this on maximum zoom. It may be a second kitten. It has longer hair I think than the gray tabby kitten in the other photos.
Both these cats still need caught.

And the older brown tabby who still needs caught.
Female tabby tux kitten, fixed today, from the Albany letter writer colony.
Tabby on white female kitten fixed today, but I forgot to get her eatipped. This kitten also is from the Albany Letter Writer colony.
The Forgot to Eartip tabby on white female kitten again, fixed today.
And the black tux male kitten, from same location, fixed today.

I forgot to take photos of the two rural Albany kittens fixed today.

I took six kittens up to be fixed today. Two come from just outside Albany. Their mom was fixed about ten days ago. Today, the black male kitten and black tux female kitten, both adorable, were fixed.

Today Tiger Lily, one of Black Pearl's kittens, made weight and was spayed.

And three more from the Albany situation I found through a letter to the editor were fixed today; a brown tabby tux female kitten, a black tux male kitten, and a tabby on white female kitten, whom I forgot to get eartipped. That brings the total fixed at that house to nine, in two days. Plus, when the folks got home from work, they caught two more of the tabby on white kitten's siblings. And when I finally finally got back there, to deliver back the three fixed today, we set a trap and caught the adult torti female.

There are three more kittens to catch there and one adult male.

But after I returned from delivering the kittens to the clinic, I went all the way up near Foster Reservoir, to help KATA with a situation. An old woman who fed strays had a heart attack and died. The property owners, who are the neighbors, wanted the cats gone. KATA took three out last night. I went up today and trapped 11. Three were tame and already fixed and KATA took them home. The other 8 are here, in traps, and it is unknown if some are fixed or not, because some were fixed and not eartipped. That means they have to go through anesthesia again and the costs of it, to find out. That's a waste, darn it.

I also took photos to try to figure out how many there still are out there. I think there are four. I thought there were five, but upon looking at the photos, I think the gray tux I saw is the same one I have in a trap in my garage.

That means there is an old brown tabby out there still, a petite muted spotted calico, at least one kitten and at least one more black tux. There may be more however.

Also, I picked up Shaulin today. That adoption didn't work out. The people are super nice and cat lovers to the core, but it made them very sad that she was scared, so they felt she should come back.

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  1. Great job! You managed to get quite a few fixed. Good luck catching the ones that are being a problem. Maybe one day when your not even thinking about it, you will get the chance. They are all beautiful. Thank you for sharing your work.