Sunday, November 01, 2009

I'm Back. Tiny Tim's with Kate and Ned.

I am exhausted so will make this short. I'm back. Tiny Tim is in great hands, with Kate and Ned. I had a great day. I've been in Portland, Irvine, Huntington Beach, even Seattle. All in one day! And I went to the beach, down in So Cal, even went wading. The beach there was just like on Bay Watch, with life guard towers and surfer boys, blond of course, and the paved pathway, with lots of bikes and walkers and joggers, just like you see on TV! It was fabulous.

Kate drove me down to see the ocean and beach not too long after I had arrived. We took Tim to their place, visited a bit, then went to the beach with a sandwich. I didn't have long to be there and I was already tired. But, I thought, I'll never get such a chance again. So off we went. Palm trees, everywhere! And there were little small oil pumps in many side and backyards, like a lot of people had discovered oil right in their own yards and were pumping it out to sell.

Tiny Tim made friends all the way down. The flight attendant upgraded me to first class right after the plane took off from Portland. I had showed her Tiny Tim when boarding and she thought it was a wonderful story, that he was getting a home in Huntington Beach with good people after his hard luck life.

She said if Kate and Ned for any reason could not take him, she would. There were not a lot of people on that flight.

He was half out of the carrier most of the way down. He's just so laid back and lovable.

I had a nice breakfast with my brother, his wife and daughter, in Portland, before continuing to the airport in the morning, to catch the first flight out. That also was a bit rushed. My brothers' wife even set a timer, so when it went off, I knew I had to be out of there and on the way within two minutes.

Kate and Ned were just like I expected them to be, really wonderful. They were ready for Tiny Tim and he took to them instantly, making himself at home on their couch.

I got a little worn out on the trip back to Seattle. My legs hurt. I couldn't get comfortable, was exhausted but couldn't sleep. But I made it. The planes were all early getting in and the flight attendants very pleasant. I had half hour between the flight into Seattle and the prop Horizon plane out, for the short flight back to Portland. I had heard so much on the news lately about airline travel. It wasn't like they say on the news at all. It was easy and pleasant I thought.

I picked up two of Lucy's kittens on the way back, because she is not the cat who left here. She growls all the time and is on edge like she expects to be attacked and whatever happened at the house of the people who adopted her wasn't good for her, that is for sure.

She was growling and hissing at the kittens at first, but that is gradually subsiding. For now, they are protected in a large carrier inside the bathroom. I believe she is dehydrated and hairball clogged and sleep deprived also. If she will accept the kittens and they even try to nurse, endorphins will be released and she will feel so much more relaxed.

I cannot believe I have been so many places and had so many wonderful experiences in one day! And Tiny Tim is in such good hands.


  1. Sounds like a great trip. So happy that it all went well and Tiny Tim is happy settling in. Hope that Lucy settles down after her ordeal too and you get some rest!

  2. Glad it went well for you..and that everyone took to tiny tim..are they keeping the name for him? Poor Lucyu - i do hope the kittens bring her the comfort she obviosly needs. She's been through too much stress - no wonder she's all growly hissy - think of how we get when stressed out - this is her only method of communicating...
    yes airline travel isn't bad - i couldn't believe after all my life being afraid to fly how wonderful it actually was. and security people are pretty nice too.

  3. Ah-the wonder of modern travel-FIRST CLASS!!! I'm jealous! It is amazing to see, over and over again, the goodness that feline (or canines) can bring out in decent people. It may have been a rushed mini vacation but it sounds like you accomplished a lot and experienced a lot so I would less the tiredness is worth it! But maybe you should get some blood work done.

    Take care,

  4. Well, sleeping half the day has certainly helped.

  5. we plane to continue calling him tim..with a few new nicknames alont the way :)
    he's been watching football with ned on the couch all day. he's a sweetheart and we're so happy. thank you everyone for everything!!!