Monday, November 02, 2009

Cat Photos

Shaulin, from the Bengal Group colony. She's still here, waiting for a home.
Shaulin again. Both her brothers were adopted immediately, but she is more standoffish than they were, shyer.
Calamity, formerly a stray kitten on Lyons street.
Calamity again.
The seed warehouse caught their sixth cat. Three others we caught there were fixed at the Neuterscooter clinic. Two of those were kittens. Subsequently, they caught two more kittens. The seedman and his wife fostered all four kittens, and found homes for two, and they are keeping two. The teen male was returned. They have been after the mom and maybe this is her.
The seed kitty again, who will be fixed on Wednesday.
I thought the fake tree visible from their patio was interesting, sooooo, Kate took a photo of the tree with me in the foreground. It's how they make antennas more palatible I think.
Kate and myself, right before I left. Kate and Ned are great people and will give Tim the best of homes.
Here's me, in Huntington Beach. I did forget to take my own camera. Kate took this on theirs.
Sam, relaxing.
Sam, irritated.
Jade, from Conser, in October.
Jade again. She needs those claws trimmed!
Calamity, abandoned on Lyons, still here and getting big.
Calamity again.
Teddy, from the homeless camp, also still here and getting big.
Lucy, from downtown Albany, with Frankie, her boy kitten. I brought back Frankie and Sunshine, her blue girl, from the Wilsonville fosterer. She still has Tiger Lily, Lucy's black kitten. Tiger Lily is much bigger and more self confident than this pair. Frankie likes to stand on his back legs and touch his mother's face with both paws. It's so cute.
Lucy and Frankie.

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