Friday, November 06, 2009

Lucy and her Kittens

I want to come up with better names for Lucy and her kittens. The temporary fosterer gave them the names Lucy, Sunshine, for the gray girl kitten, and Frankie for the black tux boy kitten. I need something much better for Lucy especially. Black cats are terribly hard to find homes for. I was thinking about "Jamaica" or "Maui" or "Marley" or????? Well, give me suggestions out there, something exotic, something worthy of a sleek beautiful, slight, young and playful mom, who is also a fierce defender of her kittens and perhaps abnormally attached to her little boy kitten.

Likely dad of the little blue girl kitten? You guessed it. Tiny Tim, no less, now of Huntington Beach, CA. I guess I could call her Tiny Tina.


  1. maybe cleo or persephone or xena (the warrior princess?) haha?

    my goal is to get some pics up this weekend. he's doing so good! everyone seems to be settling in.
    can't believe it's already been a week!

    his daughter is a cutie!

  2. The last picture is especially adorable! = )

  3. How about Jet for the mama? Like Jet black.....a sleek contemporary name there....tiny tina or tia is cute for the girl...the boy? or if we want to stick with all T names -= Tabatha for the mom (tabby for short) - or just tabatha - tina the girl and Tobey for the boy? (pick one please for the next case of cat food...hahahha)

  4. I like Toby for the boy. I like Tia, but it doesn't fit the girl kitten somehow. Has to fit. I am still up in the air for mom and Tiny Tim's offspring.

  5. Toby it is for the boy....what about your idea for tina only spell it teena? perhaps tabatha for the little girl...or tami?ONe last suggestion for Mom - Tallulah - could call her lulu for short hahahah

  6. I've given you the name of our all black female before: MIRA. Toby is very cute, how about Timia instead of Tia? Wow! She looks soooo happy to have her babies back. It's no surprise that's what she needed with all she has been through.

    Take care,