Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Big Hairy and the LB Cat

Big Hairy!
LB stray.

Big Hairy, an amiable stray, brother to the female who stayed here six days to recuperate from URI and spay, was fixed yesterday. He is from the Jefferson colony, most of whom are tame abandoned strays. Big Hairy's brother, a short hair tabby, was fixed last week. His sister, the wheezer, was fixed the week before. Plus four female teen kittens and their mom, yet another tame abandoned female short hair tabby. The neighbor's female, who was one of the strays, was also fixed.

The other cat done down here yesterday was a tame stray wandering the LBCC campus. A security man adopted him right out of his neuter yesterday. This man had even kept him inside his office, after finding him roaming campus in search of food. He's underweight for his bone structure but will be just fine.

The other five cats fixed yesterday were done in Wilsonville: a calico; her two orange tabby female kittens, a long hair orange and white teen feral male, and an abandoned orange tabby very young teen whom I believe also was a female.


  1. Bless the security man AND bless Big Hairy! LOL

    take care

  2. Big Hairy is quite gorgeous. And very very hairy.

  3. Bi Hairy looks like the male version of big mathilda hahahaha...he's beautiful tho....and so, of course, is she!