Friday, November 06, 2009

19 Cats Fixed This Week

The Flamepoint male, fixed today, from S. Albany.
The rural young female, fixed today.
Double crypt male, fixed today.
The double crypt again.
Three of the four kittens, who spent the night in my garage, from same location.

The younger black and white male, fixed today.
This is the Siamese male fixed today.
The Siamese male again.
Who do you think was daddy to this kitten? There were four kittens living under the house, born to the black and white female fixed Wednesday. The two black and whites had visible ringworm, one far worse than the other.
This kitten has some ringworm visible but nothing like his sibling, a black and white male kitten with ringworm hair loss on its belly, feet and face. I donned latex gloves and rubbed in antifungal meds. I also roundwormed and flea treated these kittens before returning them. They can't be fixed until over the ringworm. The Siamese kitten and the black kitten had no visible signs of ringworm.
This black and white male from same location was also fixed today. He looks just like his sister, who is mom to the kittens and now fixed also.

19 Cats were fixed this week. All but one were from Linn County. There was a total of $135 in copays. The cost to fix all 19 cats was $775. Seven of the cats were kittens, three males and four females.

Of the other 12 I took in, six were females and six were males. One of the females was pregnant while another was in heat. One of the males done today was a double crypt orchid, meaning two nondescended testicles and so the cost was equal to that of spaying a pregnant cat, to go into his belly and locate those testicles.

The copays came from three parties. The Corvallis feral got a $30 copay from the FCCO coordinator, which was nice of him. The seed warehouse man donated $100 to Poppa, which more than covered the cost to spay the pregnant young feral they had caught. For the other 17 cats, I got one $5 copay from the owner of a male who was fixed today.

The total cost to fix these 19 cats this wee: $775. Minus the $135 in copays: $640.

This does not count my out of pocket costs for transport. Nor for trap bait. Nor for flea treating the cats and worming some of them. Nor for other costs, including laundering cage covers, cleaning, etc.

Nonetheless, the costs down the road, if these cats had not been fixed, would be significantly higher, to someone out there. Nothing is free.

Today, I took in five of the 19 total. Four were males and one a female. Three were outside fed males from the house where Too Many Litters lives. That's the name I've given that poor old black female who had lice and worms. She's going to feel so much better now. The biggest male of these three was the double crypt and I got a great price from the vet for going in to locate those "lost boys".

The fourth male was a young owned flamepoint from south Albany. The female was a KATA referral from just outside Albany. They thought she was pregnant but she wasn't, thankfully. They're real nice folks, renters, and the cat came with the place. She has two kittens from a previous litter who soon will be big enough to be fixed.

On another note, a lost cat posted about on craigslist over and over, numerous fliers and a paper ad has got me feeling the lost cat blues. I've been searching some for this lovely Medium to long hair orange male with some white on his face, it appears, because I'm often in the area where he went missing. It is so hard to tell from pictures, however, what he looks like in real life. Makes me sad to see lost cat fliers or ads and I do what I can to look for such lost kitties. I hope they find him or that he comes home.

Be on the watch for Bailey, an orange male, I believe medium to long hair, white on face, light orange to white on chest, photos on craiglist ads, which are many, about him, lost in the area of Waverly, 34th street and Grand Prairie on October 24.


  1. How about Minuit as a name for Lucy. It means midnight in French.

  2. Perhaps if Bailey is found his folks might think twice about letting him out of the house? I feel sad too when it comes to lost cats but how many times are these cats indoor/outdoor ones? too often I'm afraid....those black and white kittens are just adorable!

  3. That little meezer baby must have been fathered by that male meezer?

  4. That's my guess, Siobhan.