Thursday, November 19, 2009

11 Cats Fixed Today

One of the four females fixed today, from the Deceased Foster womans' trailer.
Gray tabby tux female, from the Deceased Foster Woman's trailer colony.
Big muted calico, fixed today, from Deceased Foster Woman's colony.
Black tux female, one of 8 cats fixed today from the Deceased Foster Woman's colony.
Gray tux male from the Deceased Foster Woman's Colony.
The gray tux guy again.
Black tux male, fixed today, from the Foster colony.
Big Gray and white male, fixed today from Foster colony.
The other black tux male fixed today from Foster colony.
Black tux male, fixed today from Foster colony.

These three were fixed from the Albany Letter Writer colony: Two more kittens, one boy and one a girl, and an adult torti.

The Siamese mix is the male of the two.

I took in 11 cats to be fixed today. None of the 8 from the deceased Foster woman's trailer were fixed. There were four girls and four boys. KATA already picked them up from me. They trapped up there this morning, but only caught the spotted muted calico. At least she's caught. They will begin searching for placements for these cats soon, I'm sure.

The other three cats fixed were from the Albany letter writer household. An adult torti female and two more of the kittens, one a girl, one a boy.

The vet forgot to eartip them, which was disappointing. I told the check in woman twice, the last time, just asked if she remembered I'd said to eartip all three. None were done. Yesterday, of the three I asked to be eartipped, only two were. I'm going to have to mark them better and brighter or somehow make a better impression with the check in person on what needs done.

I am hoping those folks catch the last three kittens tonight. Then that will be done. Yay.

All my traps are loaned out currently and I'm kind of happy about that. Zone out evening!

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