Friday, October 16, 2009

Unbelievable Response for Gray Kitty

I've been worn out and tire, but right now, my spirit is soaring. Because of the response to help a gray kitty with an injury, who came flopping up an Albany sidewalk at just the right time.

THANK YOU so much to all who have responded by calling in donations to the clinic. Wheelie is getting surgery tomorrow. The vet is going to try to repair the knee. If he can't, he'll amputate the leg. He wanted to be sure the cat would be getting after care somewhere, however. I said "Of course he will. If nowhere else, right here with me."

Kay in NY called in a donation!!! Thank you, Kay! Bev in Newburg called in a donation. So did Jane in ENGLAND! And Melodie in Sublimity. There may have been others and I will post their names when I find that out, because I love you, for helping out this cat and for making me feel not alone. I appreciate this greatly!


  1. YOU ARE SO NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u have 2 get that now


  2. Jody that is sooo wonderful....and I am still going to send some money for Wheelie on Wednesday when I ship your Halloween package to you....tell me again where to post donations to the vet clinic so I can do it online next week, too.

  3. Keeping paws crossed here that the surgery to fix the patella goes ok for Wheelie (great name btw)