Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tiny Tim is Going to Huntington Beach!

My brother is donating his miles to transport Tiny Tim to his new home. This is very exciting. Even the vet clinic is excited for him. He will get his health cert for travel the same day his stitches are removed. And, if all goes as planned, a week from Saturday, Tiny Tim will be flying south, not just for the winter either.

What a nice ending for a nice kitty. No more flopping along Albany sidewalks in the dark, to gulp food on a porch.


  1. we can't wait!!
    to see you and tim. this is really awesome of your bro to help with the flight. happy halloween for everyone. thank you to all that contributed to the vet for his leg and care...and of course to Jody for everything!

  2. Hey so I had a great idea after all! I'm so happy Tiny tim is going to fly....

  3. Aaah just worked out who is giving Tiny Tim a new home! Well done HB! and well done to your Brother Jody for donating the air miles!

  4. How exciting!! So much for the idea re my cousin!! I am glad your brother did this- a Christmas gift to Timmy? (as I like to think of him (g)